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hetfic_minis's Journal

The Jossverse Het Fic Mini-Ficathons
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jossverse, het
This is a community for Hetfic mini challenges for Jossverse characters: Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

It's created on a model of maleslashminis and femslash_minis communitites, and will follow the same pattern of challenges. A new ficathon round will start in every three weeks, and the focus of the round (based on a poll) would be alternating between female and male character.


1. Buffy, Angel and Firefly characters only. The crossovers within this verses are allowed and encouraged, but multifandom is not, unfortunately.

2. Range of stories from G to NC-17 is welcomed, however, stories with sexual contents should be clearly marked as such, and additional warnings given if necessary.

3. When posting, please include a header with Title, Rating, Character/Pairings, and any additional warnings necessary. Fics may be posted elsewhere, but a linking post to the community should be made, and we'd appreciate if you also commented to the masterlist post for the given round.

4. This community is for ficathon fics ONLY. Please don't post anything else without the mod's permission. There are other communities for that.

5. Have fun!